Special Events


I believe that the success of the result does not depends on the budget,
but on the capacity of maximizing every penny.

I am alway in the research of new talents that can be added to our vast network of vendors
around the world offering the best quality/price possible.

My key words are efficiency, focalisation and real-time solutions.

I go straight to the objective in an emotional unconventional way creating
solid relationships between the client and its target audience.

I guarantee my presence and return of investment in every project.




The biggest fear when organising an event is not being able to enjoy the moment;
thinking on so many details and to-do’s.

My objective in the private events is so that client can have everything he wanted
and at the same time enjoy the party as if he was another guest and a great host.

I, together with my experienced staff, study the the theme and develop it in every possibile detail.